Festival tickets

Festival tickets are often sold on Ebay, who recently sued Big Day Out for trying to stop scalpers by adding a clause to the back of their festival tickets stating that resold tickets would not be honoured. But how could they know whether specific festival tickets had been resold or not? The courts believed they could not, so ruled in favour of eBay.

While the Festival of Sydney is now over for 2007, there is still Womadelaide, Adelaide’s famous outdoor festival due in March, Melbourne’s International Festival in October, the comedy Festival in April and the Arts Festival in September. To be sure not to miss out, booking festival tickets online is suggested, although some are available at the door of each venue.

If you live in the Wollondilly Shire, October is the time for the White Waratah Festival, with the main activities held in the Wirrimbirra Sanctuary, while the Tweed hinterland village of Tyalgum will host an annual community-based festival about reconciliation called Wollumbin Dreaming, also in October.

If you are into indigenous culture and art, the October Stompen Ground Festival in Broome may be just the place for you. Make sure to book your holiday or package tours early to ensure that you secure your festival tickets. If you leave your plans until the last minute you could always try locating festival tickets online.

There are many diverse and different festivals that happen throughout Australia. Make sure that you get along to one the right way.

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