Professional audio


How do you get from a good story to a brilliant presentation? That starts with the quality of the speaker. But there’s more. The listener wants to be overwhelmed, in image and sound. And that means the use of high-quality audiovisual systems. From projectors and professional screens to audio solutions, 100 volt installations and control systems. From the right cabling to all suspension systems. Make sure your presentation space is correct from A-Z. The result? Razor-sharp image and crystal-clear sound of unparalleled digital quality, where and when you need it.
Offermans supplies a complete range of the best professional audiovisual systems.


Whether you’re listening to music at home or in the car, you’ll appreciate the top-class sound quality. And the same goes for your customers. When furnishing your company, restaurant, hotel or other catering facility, you know that these are the details that make the difference. This is the level your customers can expect from you. This can be the perfect-sounding background music in the restaurant, but also the professional satellite reception in the conference room that enables successful collaboration over great distances.


And that impression better be good. Whether that is in person or through a display; You create optimal involvement of your customers by addressing them directly. And if that is not possible in person, then through razor-sharp images. Displays have become an integral part of our experience in companies, shops and even on the street. Interactive communication is possible by means of a touchscreen, but also by providing the right information or by advertising. And with modern Digital Signage or narrowcasting you can streamline the information even better. With this communication tool you show dynamic information to your target group at set times. A friendly and effective way to communicate with your customers, visitors or your own staff. Displays with Digital Signage can be set up in various strategic places in your company or public space.

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